Using Ginger instead of medications

Healing root: Ginger makes many drugs superfluous

Have you ever wondered which natural product can be used against a number of diseases? It is the ginger, one of the most curative plants of all. Its many positive properties help detoxify the body and naturally improve health without therapy or surgery.

You can use ginger for the following ailments and problems, among others. For example, as ginger tea or ginger drink, in summer as cool ginger lemonade, or simply by adding a little ginger to your hot or cold dishes.

  1. Prevention with ginger.
    Ginger reduces the risk of hypertension, multiple sclerosis, stroke and heart disease toxins that enter the bloodstream, among other things, lead to hypertension. They are also associated with the development of multiple sclerosis, stroke and heart disease. The use of ginger improves blood circulation, which in turn largely flushes out the metabolic ballast.
  2. Ginger prevents gastritis, colic, stomach ulcers, diseases of the pancreas and diabetes.
    An accumulation of toxins in the body is also involved in the development of these diseases. This is where the slime-forming effect of ginger comes into play. It helps to cleanse the intestines, prevent the development of stomach ulcers and improve the general condition. Ginger can also help with heartburn.
  3. Ginger helps with weight loss
    Ginger is also suitable for weight loss treatments because it has a calming effect on the stomach, reduces stomach acid and stimulates the entire metabolism. Fat burning is also activated and excess body fat is more easily broken down.
  4. Ginger helps the joints and supports the fight against arthritis and osteoporosis salts, which are also toxic in excessive quantities and are deposited in our joints, cause arthritis and osteoporosis, which impair our locomotor system. Here, too, ginger is a magic remedy that helps us to “lubricate” our joints.
  5. Ginger protects the muscles and prevents cramps
    If you do a lot of sport, ginger is just right for you, because it does not even let muscle fever arise after intensive training. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and soon brings relief. After sport you can put a linen bag with fresh, grated ginger in warm bath water. The bath should last 20 minutes. The heat generated opens the pores, relaxes muscles and simultaneously cleanses the respiratory tract and lungs while breathing. Ginger in the form of an infusion also acts as a light, natural pain reliever.
  6. Against nausea and travel sickness
    Ginger acts on the stomach and releases enzymes, thus preventing or at least alleviating many types of nausea. Studies have shown that ginger is just as effective as many drugs for nausea. If you are sensitive in the car, plane or ship, it helps you to chew a bit of the tuber and you will feel immediate relief.
  7. Against hangovers
    Just as ginger helps against nausea in travelers, the tuber can also help you to overcome a hangover. Put on a strong ginger tea or have some candied ginger. You can find more tips on how to get over the hangover here.
  8. Ginger is effective against inflammations of the oral mucosa Inflammatory areas of the gums, which everyone has now and then, can be treated effectively with its anti-inflammatory effect. Put a small slice of ginger under your lip, directly on the inflamed area and try to keep it there as long as possible. After a few hours replace with a new piece, after 12-24 hours the inflammation usually subsides, which otherwise takes several days.
  9. For faster healing of herpes blisters, unpleasant herpes blisters on the lips can also be treated with fresh ginger. Press a piece of ginger or simply a very thin slice on the affected area. This alleviates the strength of the outbreak and prevents inflammation of open areas. More tips on preventing and treating herpes can be found here.
  10. To cheer us up on cold days, ginger is one of the plants that gives us energy and cheers us up. Especially on cold and dark days an infusion with ginger slices warms and can give you the necessary kick to start the day full of zest for action.

Finally, a recipe for the use of ginger:

You can make ginger tea from a smaller tuber (10-20 g) or a teaspoon of ginger powder and 200 ml of boiling water. Let the tea steep for ten minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice to taste. Drink half of it in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other half during the day between meals. This tea stimulates the metabolism, neutralizes toxins and improves digestion. It can be drunk daily.

Read more about the benefits of ginger tea and three ways to prepare it in this article. And – last but not least – ginger is also the plant that tastes like “ginger ale” in beer, and ginger biscuits and speculoos are served on every colourful plate at Christmas anyway. This “hot tuber” is truly a very versatile plant.

In this article you will find instructions on how to propagate the ginger tuber in your own house almost free of charge!

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